Democrat Matt de Ferranti Earns Endorsement Of Clerk Of Courts Paul Ferguson And School Board Member Tannia Talento

de Ferranti is the first Democratic candidate for the Arlington County Board to be endorsed by elected officials.

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ARLINGTON, VA – Matt de Ferranti, Democratic candidate for Arlington County Board, has earned the endorsement of two influential Arlington elected officials.

“I have come to know Matt de Ferranti well and I am impressed with his knowledge of the budget, education, transportation, environmental, public safety, and land use decisions relevant to being a County Board Member,” said Paul Ferguson. “Matt’s skills will make him a strong addition to the Arlington County Board.”

Mr. Ferguson served as a Member of the Arlington County Board from 1996 to 2007, serving as Chair in 1999, 2003 and 2007. During his 12 years on the Board, Mr. Ferguson worked to ensure full funding for education and public safety. In addition, he worked to improve pedestrian safety and neighborhood conservation. Ferguson is currently serving as President of the Virginia Circuit Court Clerk’s Association.

Joining Ferguson in endorsing Matt de Ferranti is Arlington School Board Member, Tannia Talento.

“I am proud to support Matt de Ferranti for Arlington County Board,” said Tannia Talento. “His experience serving on both County and School commissions, committees and joint committees, will provide a needed perspective on how both Arlington County and Arlington Public Schools work to meet the needs of their community members, students and families.”

Talento also praised Matt’s commitment to diversity, stating that “Matt’s understanding and work in support of a safe and inclusive community, particularly considering the current political climate with regards to immigration, is essential to keeping Arlington the great diverse county we are today.”

Tannia Talento was elected to the Arlington County School Board in 2016 and has been active in Arlington County for many years, serving on a variety of civic engagement groups, including the Advisory Council on Instruction and the Facilities Study Committee.

“Paul’s longstanding commitment to Arlington and Tannia’s leadership for our students are inspiring,” said Matt de Ferranti. “I’m honored and humbled to have the support of these remarkable public servants.”

“Both of these leaders share my belief that together, we can put our shared values into practice and expand opportunity for everyone in Arlington,” de Ferranti continued. “I ask you to get to know me as a candidate and consider what we can do together as a community. My promise to you is to work tirelessly to make that vision a reality.”

Earlier this month, the Arlington County Democratic Committee decided as a body to select their nominee by way of a primary, which will take place on June 12th. Matt de Ferranti was the first candidate to publicly declare his intention to seek the nomination, launching his campaign on January 10th. He held his campaign kickoff on January 18th at the home of Mark Teel with 60 supporters in attendance.

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