Arlington School Board Member Nancy Van Doren Endorses Matt de Ferranti


Arlington School Board Member Nancy Van Doren Endorses Matt de Ferranti, the Democratic Nominee for Arlington County Board

All five members of the Arlington County School Board have now endorsed de Ferranti

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ARLINGTON, VA – Arlington School Board Member Nancy Van Doren endorsed Matt de Ferranti, the Democratic nominee for the Arlington County Board, today.

“Matt is the person you can trust and depend on to lead Arlington and its future in the right direction,” Van Doren said. “He has a clear understanding of where this community needs to go to stay strong and vibrant.”

“I have worked closely with Matt for several years. He has been very active in county and school affairs. Matt is an expert in school issues, serving as the Chair of the school system’s Budget Advisory Council and on the Advisory Council on Instruction. He has a keen understanding of our needs and brings a national perspective that is invaluable. He knows Arlington must continue to support our premiere school system as it is a cornerstone of our County’s success.”

“Additionally, Matt is deeply committed to serving all Arlingtonians, including those who have not always had a voice in county and school issues,” continued Van Doren. “I am committed to ensuring success for all students, including those with the least means, quietest voices, and diverse needs. Our community is at its best when our officials serve all Arlington residents well. I am confident Matt will do this, continuing the Arlington tradition that has made us so successful.”

Van Doren also applauds Matt’s focus on strengthening the Arlington community. “Matt has made a concerted effort to bring a new generation of citizens to the table, listening to concerns, encouraging newcomers to be actively involved in civic affairs.” Van Doren added.  “There are many challenges ahead of us in Arlington as we become a more urban, dense community, competing to keep our tax base strong. Matt understands this and his outreach and ability to listen and involve others is crucial to Arlington’s future.”

Nancy Van Doren was appointed to the Arlington County School Board on September 12, 2014. She served as the Board’s Vice Chair from 2015 to 2016 and as Chair from 2016 to 2017. Click here to learn more about her service in the Arlington community.

Matt de Ferranti has the support of the other four members of the Arlington County School Board ahead of the November 6th election as well: Chair Reid Goldstein, Vice-Chair Tannia Talento, and Members Barbara Kanninen and Monique O’Grady.


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