The County Board should continue to support everyone in Arlington and should be vigilant in working to make sure every part of our community knows that Arlington remains inclusive and welcoming.

I stand for an inclusive community that respects the humanity of all persons, including our immigrants, and seeks unity over divisive policies. Like so many others, I have been horrified by the decisions made by the federal government to take innocent children away from their parents. Officials at all levels of government must stand against policies that dehumanize and damage children and their families through this type of separation.

I support the statements that were previously issued by the County Board  and Arlington Public Schools that an individual’s immigration status should not be a factor in whether they are allowed to seek public safety protections, pursue educational opportunities, or enjoy the opportunities intended to assist our community to reach its full potential. I support the County Board’s FY 2019 budget allocation to the Legal Aid Justice Center to provide Arlington residents with pro bono representation and translation services during legal proceedings.

At every opportunity, I will seek to re-emphasize that Arlington is an inclusive and welcoming community and that we have a moral responsibility to handle complicated issues in a manner that does not do irrevocable harm to our neighbors, especially minor children.

Matt’s Commitment

  • Continue to emphasize that Arlington is an inclusive and welcoming community
  • Avoid policies that dehumanize and degrade the health and safety of our community
  • Support access to public safety and education for all residents