Public Safety

Arlington is a safe place to live. We must work to keep it that way by making sure that community policing is a priority, that we are prepared for emergencies, and that we ensure our police, fire, and emergency medical support are able to respond quickly. We must value those who protect us and keep us safe, respecting their service, and working with them to make sure that our entire community is respected.

I served as an assistant city attorney, working with police officers, sheriffs, and communities on public service performance. I have also worked with diverse communities and know the value of those services for every member of our community.

Valuing Those Who Serve and planning ahead

To meet these standards of safety for everyone, we must ensure that we have the capacity and resources to serve and protect our growing population. This will require our public safety divisions to have enough officers, firefighters and medical technicians, and proper equipment to meet the county’s needs. As our population grows in the coming years, we must plan to meet our growing public safety needs, including increased staffing, training and facilities.

I am also fully supportive of our police department as it seeks to recruit additional staff to reach its full capacity as a force. The recruitment effort is critical to the overall goal of having the police department reflective of the community that it is seeking to serve, which can help alleviate the implicit bias that unconsciously affects everyone’s understanding and actions. Trust is critical to Arlington’s approach of community policing. With diverse and representative law enforcement officers, Arlington can reduce the probability of racial profiling or enforcement based on immigration status.

Matt’s Commitment

  • Support for increased staffing for public service roles
  • Increased training for all safety forces
  • Accountability for respectful and consistent treatment of all residents
  • Support of policies that contribute to an inclusive, engaged, and respectful Arlington community

To share your thoughts with me or my campaign team on public safety issues, please contact me at or Minneh Kane at